Another Dimension Of Textile Configuration: we bring textile production back closer to the customer!

ADOTC - Another Dimension Of Textile Configuration is a Start-Up in Berlin, Germany that takes on automation and digitization for sewing. The vision is to enable batch size 1 on demand in high-wage countries for textile production - away from long transport routes, overproduction and child labor. 

ADOTC is offering 
- flexible low cost automation as a service to increase production capacities 
- the PS webapp for agile production and securing of expert knowledge 
- microfactories for the textile production of lot size 1.

Please contact info@adotc.de  for more information

The 03EGSNW723 (ADOTC) project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of
the EXIST program.

It is the aim of the European Union that all people have professional prospects. The European Social Fund (ESF) improves employment opportunities, supports people with training and qualifications and
helps reduce disadvantages on the labor market.


More about the ESF at